So it's safe to say the only activism you're involved in is online? You know whining about white people wearing bindis on tumblr isn't going to solve anything. —by prettyraddudette

"Um being an awesome queer desi Muslim? And calling ppl out? I dun feel safe about being out as queer tho. And I keep pretty quiet about being Muslim too. Um. Alhamdulillah for the internet. But I do challenge stuff when I hear it. And I slip in stuff about like “oh yeah I liked that movie but I didn like the portrayal of women" That’s not activism btw.

How is this blog helping anything? At all. I’m genuinely curious cause all it seems like you’re doing is telling people what they can and can’t wear.

I am genuinely curious what kind of activism you think someone who cant vote and is still dependent on their parents should do. Hand out pamphlets on a street corner? That’s like what we’re doing now except way less effective.

And friggin seriously being a disabled, queer, desi Muslim (blah blah) is exhausting enough. Im kinda pissed at constantly asked to be an advocate just cuz I exist. I mean, I never see myself in movies or TV shows. I dun have role models. I have to constantly make decisions about being honest to myself vs. my safety. And I dun really have my family’s support. I gotta take daily microaggressions and then on top of that you want me to be gung-ho activist? Shit I struggle getting my homework done.

I am not some abstract concept. I dun exist to just be another body for the cause. I HAVE faced violence for being who I am. Since no one talks about ppl like us, just me existing helps a lot. Theres a reason we’re erased from media and I undo that. And I think I live by example yeah? But some times I seriously wanna just eat ice cream and complain about stupid movies.

And see you are a perfect example of why I’m not willing to completely sacrifice myself to the cause. Did you even read anything? Have you done any work? You expect me to put in EXTRA work on top of the work that goes into surviving in a bigoted world and then you do nothing. But criticize me for not being good enough. So thank you goodbye here’s my “good activist deed for the day” I’m gonna go have some daal.


You proceeded to do exactly what I pointed out, so damn predictable. -Nic

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