I'm a white girl who recently went to India for a few weeks, after dreaming about it for literally YEARS. Everyone I came across in India told me they were really happy to see me wearing Indian clothes, jewelry and YES also sometimes a bindi. What is so wrong about it, when even every single Indian person i talked to, thought i was very respectful for adapting their culture? I'm serious about that question. Because when I wore a bindi in India I wasn't disrespectful. It was the other way round. —by papierblume

How many Indian people did you talk to because there’s about 1.2 billion of us? Did you talk to all of us? Or just your little group?

Also, I rather not answer your question. It’s pure bullshit and you’re just like every other white snowflake who think they they found some type of loophole but really, you’re just making  a joke out of yourself.

And don’t even tell me that you weren’t being disrespectful. You, as a white woman, do not get to decide if it was disrespectful or not so be quiet.

Also you probably didn’t know this but India has a problem with kissing white ass and excluding their own people. Go figure.


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  5. misshavishamscloset said: It’s also one thing to conform to a culture in its home country (problematic or not), and another to wear it like a fashion statement to look special and unique elsewhere. Wearing a bindi in India doesn’t give license to keep wearing it elsewhere.
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